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See what other people are saying about our Claradon Village apartments! At Claradon Village Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


My fiancé and I have lived here for about a year & a half. We love the location, and the management staff + maintenance crew are great! We particularly love Claradon because they are one of the only apartment complexes that allow dogs over 30 lbs., which was harder to come by than we originally anticipated during our search. They have recently hired a full-time grounds crew person, and the property has been tremendously cleaner (not that it was ever dirty), but specifically dog poop related. Really the only “con” would be heavy-footed upstairs neighbors, but that is something to expect when living in an apartment setting. We have loved it here - I suppose the only major difference from other complexes in the Ogden Valley would be the way that Claradon figures out their water/sewer/trash and the mandatory media package. These are not really cons by any means, just happens to be the way that Claradon runs things. All in all, it has been a great experience thus far and we really appreciate the team here!


I love it. I worked with hunter getting this place and he's very knowledgeable and down to earth. Great experience by far. I looked at a lot and i mean A LOT of places to move and no other place came close to claradon village. Best place by far.



I love living at Claradon Village. The office and maintenance staff are amazing and prompt with all concerns. The location is convenient and safe. The pool is very fun in summer!


I have lived here for a little over two years and have had hardly any issues. The apartments are nice, staff is great, and maintenance keeps the property well maintained.


It's not everyday that you are met with an enthusiasm that makes you feel like a superstar...but sometimes, not many....especially in an interaction such as this one, for it's reason....sometimes we meet people that will leave an impression on us. One that drives a working-relationship that you'll remember forever. Most people...most people do what they do and get used to it. They learn to love redundancy. They thrive on it. But if you are wise...when something different comes along you'll see it clearly. Clear as day. You'll remember the face of a smile...the shake of a hand, the hand of a friend. A business relationship should be respected...but one that is the cornerstone of where you lay your head at night...this one should be, and is coveted. I'm impressed. I am. You know who you are. I appreciate you. The units are far out. I was able to get creative within a budget. I suprised myself. I feels like...even, A new person. From day one, to now...I appreciate you. Thank you for what you do. I recommend this community. It is more than an apartment. It is home. It is home. DaviD : )


Moving in here has been very easy, and Becky made sure to take care of every detail for us. I would strongly recommend.👍



Awesome office staff, and nice apartments in a great area!


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